Section 1 Title: Applied spatial data analysis
Co-Chairs Prof. Zizi Goschin; Prof. Elena Druică
Section 2 Title: Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence
Co-Chairs Prof. Adrian Costea Prof. Dumitru Iulian Nastac
Section 3 Title: Demography and Applied Statistics in Social Science
Co-Chairs Prof. Constanța Mihăescu; Prof. Laura Asandului
Section 4 Title: Econophysics and Complex Systems
Co-Chairs Prof. Claudiu Herțeliu; Prof. Roy Cerqueti; Prof. Tudorel Andrei
Section 5 Title: Human Capital. Economic Development and Inequalities
Co-Chairs Prof. Cristina-Rodica Boboc; Prof. Valentina Vasile
Section 6 Title: Internal and International Migration – quantitative approaches
Co-Chairs Prof. Monica-Mihaela Roman; Prof. Ciprian Antoniade Alexandru Caragea
Section 7 Title: Official Statistics and R software
Co-Chairs Prof. Miruna Mazurencu; Prof. Nicoleta Caragea
Section 8 Title: Quantitative analysis in the social and business environment
Co-Chairs Prof. Emilia Țițan; Prof. Carmen Pintilescu
Section 9 Title: Statistical Modelling of Digital Assets
Co-Chairs Prof. Daniel Traian Pele; Prof. Lucian Visinescu
Section 10 Title: Young Statisticians Europe: Theoretical and Applied Quantitative Methods
Co-Chairs Prof. Constantin Mitruț; Assistant Prof. Raluca-Daniela Căplescu; Ph.D. Fatemeh Ghaderinezhad

For all sections, papers falling under one of the following topics are welcomed:
Actuarial and Financial Statistics and Applications, Applied Statistics in Social Science, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Data Collection and Applications, Data Mining, Data Science, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Blockchain Technology, Data Science and Fintech, Demography, Design of Experiments, Econometrics (Macro and Micro Econometrics), Mathematical Statistics, Measurement, Network Analysis, Sampling Techniques and Applications, Spatial Statistics and Econometrics, Statistical Analysis of Internal and International Migration, Statistical Applications in International Comparisons, Statistical Modelling and Simulation, Official Statistics, Statistical Software (R, SAS, Python), Statistics in Education, Other Areas of Applied Statistics and Applied Quantitative Analysis, Quantitative approaches in entrepreneurship and innovation, Business statistics, Business analytics, etc.

For all sections papers covering OTHER topics that might be relevant for the section are also welcomed.